Wise Words from A Bunnie



Everyone is not going to put forth the energy and effort to complete their goals as you have yours. I think I’ve made my peace with it now. You can literally lay the path for someone and they will take their own way and scream about how no one supports them. I can lead you to the water but I can’t make you drink.

There is nothing like having a group that supports you, encourages you and shows up to your events. Its another thing to have freeloaders, Debbie Downers and people who take advantage of you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is really supporting you and who is just along for the ride.

When you want everyone to win, it truly shows. when you don’t, it shows as well.Β Your vision is just that. YOURS!! You can not expect people to have the same goals and enthusiasm about what you do, as you do!! Even those who support you only understand to a certain extent! People who have no idea what your goal is will ask, why don’t you do this? Joe Blow and pookie did that for their thing.

I don’t expect you to understand! Just support me the way I support you! People are quick to categorize you! Sometimes you’re just in an entirely new lane!! Continue to stick to your goal and be great at what you do!! If its for you, things will align to show you, this is where you are meant to be…






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