Now, normally I keep my private life, well, private. Which for you nosy buzzards, I will continuously do so. salt_20170405_183053_831

After some networking, I ran across this brand, My Little Secret. You KNOW that I had to see what this secret was all about!

What I found was some of the best sex novelties I’ve seen! There literally is something for everyone! From candles to chains, from toys to titts.

But more than novelties I found that my little secret was more than just a sexy good time, it’s a brand. One that encourages you to be comfortable with yourself, probably more than you ever have before… ❤

The best way to explain is to hear it from the creater, the person who put their sweat, love and lube into building something you’ll love.

Check it out ❤👅🙊🙉🙈

I created My Little Secret to serve as an adult novelty store that is beyond more than just sex toys. I value the rights of every individual and believe that they should be able to indulge discreetly into pleasurable endeavors regardless of race or sexual orientation. That’s how the tagline “ your secrets are always safe with us….” came about. Everyone at some point becomes embarrassed to inquire about certain things in our life. The most common thing that I discovered was people were afraid to discuss was what I feel should be normal… which is ways to take them “THERE” 😍 Everyone should be able to be sexually free (as long as it’s legal)! I’ve learned most are ashamed to tell their partner that they may want it a little rough, that they need to feel restrained and dominated. I’ve learned so much from my customers on their desires and it gives me great pleasure for them to share and trust me with their secrets and fantasies. I’ve used that knowledge and initiated a blog stories series. With the permission of my supporters, I intend to convey their fantasies into realities with the stories to help raise awareness that lust and foreplay if done safely is definitely natural and ok. I want to diminish the taboo of utilizing “sex toys” and an enhancer to the overall sexual experience. I’ll set the platform that… It’s ok to play 😏


Curator of My Little Secret

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