No one loves a Bully 

I am as best as the next when I say that I HATE bullies. With a passion. It seems like lately, the rate for bully related deaths has increased. 

Whether it be from a bully or the effects of a bully, its absolutely ridiculous! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, kids will be kids and have every right to defend themselves. Lately, however, the bullying has been taken to an entire new level. Including the Internet. 

It just doesn’t affect children either. Bullying is an issue that goes from young to old. It has no gender, race, religion or age preference. 

We here at The Bunnie Hole, have decided to join the NoH8 campaign that simply implies that we will not bully, partake in bullying, or stand and watch as someone is bullied. Whether it be a cyber bully or a snot nosed brat, The Bunnie Hole is a NO BULLY ZONE. 

We are DAMNED proud of it too! 

For any questions on how to join, support or purchase, visit the website below 💜 

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