Hey, have you met anyone that LITERALLY is sarcastic from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed?

They never seem to take anyone serious and they always seem to have something sarcastic to say about everything? Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with what your talking about?

If you don’t know that person, you probably are that person…

LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT….There is NOTHING wrong with being sarcastic and having a sense of humor. In this time, we ALL need to have a little sarcasm to maintain!

Nothing is guaranteed and you need a little sarcasm. So leave Kathy Griffin alone.. We, as America, have a HUGE flaw! If we don’t poke fun at our own “FLAW” then how can we hold steadfast when other countries do it?

So, go ahead! Have fun! Live, Love, Laugh and have a Sargasm today 🙂