Have you ever met a Good Brother? No, ladies, I didn’t mean that kind of good brotha 😂 

    I mean THAT👆🏽👆🏽 Kind of Good Brothers! I had the opportunity to talk with one of the best and the brightest in the music business! 

    Check out my interview with MIC, an up and coming artist that has brought his sound all the way from Philly, to Georgia! Make sure you follow and support! True lyrics live on!!  ❤🎶🎙🐰

🐰- For my followers who aren’t familiar with you, feel free to introduce yourself ☺


MIC- Hello! To those who are unfamiliar with me, my name is MIC! I am a musician, producer and lyricist! I am originally from Philly but I am currently in Atlanta. I have a record label called “The Good Brothers”


🐰- What is some of the inspiration behind your music? What inspired you to make music?

MIC- I was raised around music. A lot of my family members are musicians so it came natural to me. It was never forced on me, or expected of me. But how can you not love music when you’re raised around it?

I was inspired to do music because it allows me to express myself! Sometimes I may not be able to find the words when talking to someone, but with a mic in my hand, I can somehow find everything I need to say!


🐰- As a musician, your life no longer become private. How do you cope with that?


MIC- My life is definitely out for everyone to see. It’s a challenge that I gladly accept. Music is a way for me to express myself, and I appreciate any and all criticism and feedback. It’s a way for me to progress and grow! Any great artist would appreciate the response they get!


🐰- Have you ever had any mishaps on stage? How do you handle them?

MIC- Of course there have been times where I forgot the words, or missed a note on the keyboard. The good thing about creating your own music is that if you mess up, no one really knows, because they don’t know what to expect. So instead of getting nervous or stopping and getting frustrated, you just push through it. A lot of the adrenaline you feel just keeps you going!


🐰- What are some inspiring words/advice for anyone looking to get into the music industry?

MIC- The best advice that I can give someone is to remain original. It’s hard to get caught up in sounding like someone else because you think that’s what people want or the only thing they will accept. Soon you learn that there is a place just for you and your sound and that people really appreciate you! There is no better music you can make than your own. I also think it’s important to build a great team! A lot of people don’t wish you well so it’s important to have a team of people that you trust and have a vision such as yours.


🐰- What are your goals as a musician?
MIC- My goal as a musician is to create the best music I can while I can, Music is something I plan on doing the rest of my life. I know that I cannot stand on a stage forever, that’s why I am learning the production stage. It’s something that I plan on being in.


🐰- Who are some of your favorite artist?  Biggest influence?


I have a lot of favorite artist! I am definitely inspired by Biggie, Nas and Lauryn Hill just to name a few. There are a few that are local that I also look to. I can’t pinpoint it to one person, but there are a lot of people that have a great influence on me.
🐰- As an artist, do you find it hard to remain original?


Sometimes I do. Like I said before, when you learn that people like a certain style or you come from a certain era, you think that it’s what you have to do or have to sound like in order to be heard. Every time I feel like I’m losing focus or straying from where I want to be, I just turn on some music that inspires me and I’m right back where I need to be.


🐰-  “Angels By My Side” which is the headline track from “Son Of MIC” is a very prominent and meaningful song. What inspired it?


MIC- “Angels By My Side” was really my first time being able to put myself out there. It has a lot of meaning as far as my introduction to the world. Of course I was young and I have learned so much since then. However, I would not take back anything from that besides a learning experience.

🐰- I like to give people the opportunity to promote and/or ask any questions that they may have for me.


MIC- I just want to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you! I want people to stay tuned. I am working on a new album! I don’t have a release date but I definitely will be releasing towards the end of summer!

🐰-Thank you so much for taking the time to hop in The Bunnie Hole! 


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