If you have been following The Bunnie Hole, you’ll know that I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview the awesome Dominic Santana. You will learn to love him as the artist that plays Suge Knight in the upcoming  All Eyez On Me film. (Yaasss chile! We have been waiting on this movie ❤)

I had the opportunity to speak with him on topics from the upcoming movie, to making it as an actor. I am so excited to share this with you that I have included the audio from the actual interview!

You just KNOW when you in the presence of someone GREAT! When they just have the “IT” factor!! That’s Dominic Santana!

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I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did !! Make sure you check out the Q&A as well!!


🐰- Suge Knight has always been a controversial icon of the Black Community. How does feel to play such an iconic role, and do you expect any backlash?

Santana- No, I don’t expect any backlash. People have long been able to differentiate between actor and role. I’m very honored to have been able to play his character.

🐰-  I know a lot of good artist sometimes go as far as meeting the families of the roles they play, to get into character. What are some of the things you did to prepare yourself for this role?
Santana- Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet him. However, I was surrounded by people who knew him well enough that I believe I was able to capture his presence and demeanor.

🐰-I know there is a lot that you can’t discuss, because it has not yet been released, but, is there anything unknown that is going to happen in the film that you can share with us?

Santana- Well, I think that people sometimes forget how political Tupac was at times and a lot of people may not know where it came from. I think the movie actually shines a slight on Afeni Shakur and how much of an icon she actually was.
🐰- Tell me more about you, Dominic the Actor. I follow you on social media and you post a lot about the current events.  (This can be answered as politically or unpolitical as pleased) What do you believe some of the issues are in our community, and how can we fix it?

Santana- I believe one of the bigger issues in our community is that there is not enough unity and awareness. I am all for entrepreneurship and reaching your goals. I’ve actually gotten fussed at for being political on my social media. I’ve calmed down. A little 🙂
🐰-  What are your goals as far as acting? You’ve already had a success as a screenwriter with Mr. Right (congratulations!). Do you plan on continuing acting and writing or do you prefer one over the other?

Santana- I do love writing and directing and in the future there definitely will be more to come. My first passion of course is acting. I love acting and will continue to ac.
🐰- If you could play the role of anyone, who would it be?

Santana- I think as an actor, the highest role or “achievement” of an actor is to play a biopic of someone. I am honored to have been able to play the role of Suge Knight.
🐰- On a quote from you, you stated that you didn’t let your size slow you down from acting. The actual quote is “My size never discouraged me from acting, my stature makes me a novelty in the film business”. Often, we talk about how women are supposed to be a certain size in Hollywood and how they are shunned if not. Does the same apply to males in the industry?

Santana- I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is a limitation or double standards. A lot of roles can be altered to fit the character. There are some things that they may say you can or can’t do, but that’s a part of acting.

🐰- What advice or tips would you give you anyone struggling to make it in the industry?

Santana- I know it sounds cliché, but just keep going. A lot of making it in the industry is preparation and luck. Just remember if you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready.
🐰- I like to ask this question to everyone. Is there anything that you want to be able to say and/or bring awareness too? A lot of people interview, then leave and say how they wish they had said or done something differently. Any last few words that you would like to leave?

Santana- How did you get the name The Bunnie Hole?

🐰- My nickname is Bunnie 😂😂 It started out as a joke and one thing led to another! Now it’s The Bunnie Hole Blog! It’s a little provocative but nothing crosses the line. I’m all about providing a platform for positivity!