To Haters… With Love ❤

To Haters With Love …

There comes a point in time where they have someone does not like them, or has something negative to say whenever they see someone doing a great job.

I know I do. It took me a long time to weed out the real from the fake but once I did, I really just wanted to throw up my middle finger. Iʼm just saying… However, through many trials and tribulations I learned that your best revenge is to do and be everything they said you wouldnʼt.

A few moths ago I had a write up in regards to a gentleman named Brian. His brand is literally consisted of glowing and growing on your haters.

We kept in contact via social media and I was ecstatic when he asked if I would be able to be in his upcoming calendar release!

Not going to lie, when any woman gets an offer to be in a calendar, they automatically think of sexy. Well, at least I do.

So I was even more surprised when I found out that it is a positive calendar!
I had to learn more! Upon meeting with him, I also had the opportunity to meet Tomiko, his lovely partner!

She has some really awesome clothing in ten2030 by the way so make sure you check it out!

This is a calendar that is directly connected with you community and the women that influence it! We have several idols as children.

A lot of times my idols were people that I considered to have unobtainable careers.
To be able to give people in our community, especially young women, hope and inspiration from people they can see in their local grocery store is awesome!

I look

forward to being able to show everyone that you can be successful! Money does not always make you successful and neither does status! You can be successful in your own right and merit.
Make sure you stay tuned for the Calendar release and follow, shop and support our local community because it really does take a village!!

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