I Forgive You…

I have been to my share of stage plays in my day! I have actually been in a few. NO, please do not ask me to pull out video. Nope. I actually love stage plays. They allow an authenticity that sometimes gets lost in translation when you create movies. They allow for creative freedom and are just beautiful to watch! For the record, meeting with the cast is much more obtainable so it allows a personal one on one that you don’t get from movies! However, I am not here to speak on the differences in movies and plays, I am here to tell you a about an AMAZING upcoming play! It’s called “I Forgive You”. As if the name isn’t powerful enough, the benefits from the play are just as powerful! Hop in as we chat with Director and MogulLife Inc creator Rodnesha Ross about the upcoming stage play and her mogul lifestyle! Bunnie – Tell me more about yourself and your brand! Rodnesha- My name is Rodnesha, I am the curator of The MogulLife Inc. I am more than a couture shop! I am also the author of “ Confessions of Restorations” and I am currently producing a stage play called “I Forgive You” Bunnie – Awesome! I love your shop! I see some pieces that are really unique and one of a kind! I am so glad that someone finally understands the meaning of couture! Rodnesha – YES! A lot of people just use the word because its a cute word and they don’t know the true meaning of without knowing the true meaning of couture! Bunnie – Absolutely! I What sense of style/ look do you aim for? Rodnesha – I don’t have a specific look or style that I aim for. It’s based off of each individual client. I really like to make sure I have unique items and that my clients are absolutely satisfied. Bunnie – I love it! Let’s talk about your upcoming play! It’s called “I Forgive You” Can you tell us a little more! Rodnesha- Yes! The play is called “I Forgive You” and it will be showcased this upcoming weekend on the 21st at the IMPACT Church ( 12844 Elmdale Street 48213). You can find us on facebook and tickets on Eventbrite! Bunnie- Yayy!! Tell us, is this your story? Rodnesha – A part of it is my story. It consists of small stories that come from real life situations that anyone can be affected by. Some of them apply to me, others hit very close to home! Bunnie- Absolutely! I love this! Is there is main theme or a lesson that you think everyone may be able to learn? Rodnesha – Yes of course! The title really is the theme. I think it is so important for people to learn the act of forgiveness. They need to learn that forgiveness is not just about the other person, but about themselves! It really is about forgiveness!

Bunnie- I think that it’s important as well! Is the play geared towards a specific audience? Rodnesha – It’s not for a specific person because its real life scenarios that can affect anyone, but the proceeds from the play will be to benefit teen mothers from “Youth Community Agency”. Bunnie- That’s so dope! Were you a teenage mother? Rodnesha- No, I was not but I have friends that were and as a community, I feel like teenage pregnancy should be address as well as ways to prevent it! Bunnie- I agree! I remember when I was young, I worked at a teen center and a huge part of the center was preventing and/or managing teen pregnancy! Rodnesha – I know when I was growing up, teenage pregnancy was something that was hidden. If someone announced they were pregnant, they went away and then cam back after they had the child. I feel like that alone is more of hiding the situation instead of being open and able to talk about how we can prevent it. Bunnie- Yes! I agree! I love that you are bringing attention to things that we as a community tend to forget! I always ask what is one thing people need awareness brought too, and teenage pregnancy is definitely one! Rodnesha – Absolutely! Bunnie – I want to take out the time to thank you for hopping in the Bunnie Hole! I am so looking forward to your stage play ( which I also will be doing media coverage on ) and I wish you much success! Everyone make sure that you follow and support our local community because it really does take a village to raise a child! I also believes the community gives back what you put in so mindful of what you do and say! I hope I get to see you there and make sure you shops, grab a book and a ticket to the stage play “I Forgive You” 🙂

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