Meet The Owner Monday β€πŸ°πŸŽ‰

Due to recent events, our span of networking has grown consistently!

We are so proud of our fellow entrepeneurs that we have decided to start a Meet The Owner Mondays to shed light on their awesome business and personalities!

Make sure y’all hop in and celebrate everyone with us!

First up for Meet The Owner Mondays is Dorothy Bam Ware CEO/Owner of BAM Studio ❀🐰 She offers you a fully functional and affordable studio that can be used for everything for baby showers to dance classes!

She is also an Artist Manager and offers small business consultations and small business start ups! Her smile is so welcoming you CAN’T say NO! πŸ˜‚β€β€ Make sure you follow and support and check her out for your next event!

FB: BAM Studios

IG : Bam929

Location: 19954 Livernois

Detroit, MI

Contact (313) 744-6111

Hop on over and check out our next #MeetTheOwnerMonday !! This young woman has just recently opened her OWN shop In Taylor. Not only does she slayyyy the hair game, she is as humble as pie! Hop in The Bunnie Hole and meet Kiera Shardae owner of Kiera Shardae’s Salon ❀

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